Director of Quality and Compliance, Biovation Labs

Jesse Kolstad

Jesse Kolstad is Biovation Labs’ Director of Quality and Compliance. He holds a degree in Biochemistry, an MBA in technology management, and spent much of his career at a CRO for the pharmaceutical industry. He has spent more than 10 years working with eQMS systems at various different companies, including MasterControl, JD Edwards and Ross.

How a quality leader at a nutraceutical manufacturer built a culture of continuous improvement using Unifize
Biovation's Director of Quality, Jesse Kolstad shares his experience with Unifize, emphasizing its impact on enhancing accountability, traceability, and efficiency in less than 60 days. He highlights the platform's role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, reducing communication breakdowns, and eliminating unnecessary meetings and emails. Jesse elaborates on how Unifize's approval workflows and real-time collaboration features streamlined processes, improved decision-making, and drastically reduced turnaround times for various tasks. His experience reflects the transformative power of Unifize in creating a more collaborative and efficient work environment.
How a quality leader at a nutraceutical manufacturer built a culture of continuous improvement using Unifize

The Challenge

Biovation serves both in-house brands and external giants like Walgreens and CVS, necessitating a robust quality management system. Initially, the company struggled with MasterControl, which was clunky and user-unfriendly, causing data entry hurdles and acting as a mere digital filing cabinet. The old system was inadequate for the company's growing needs, leading to inefficiencies and a fragmented approach to quality assurance.

The Unifize Difference

Unifize was brought in to alleviate these challenges. Unlike other systems that imposed a one-size-fits-all solution, Unifize’s philosophy was to understand Biovation's unique issues and tailor the system to fit their needs. This approach promised a seamless transition without data loss or operational hiccups.

Streamlined Communication

With Unifize, Biovation could centralize its communication, eliminating the need for excessive emails and informal chats. The chat environment allowed quality issues to be addressed promptly, smoothing out delays and operational friction.

Improved Decision-Making

Unifize's all-in-one view enabled the company to analyze all components of a product simultaneously, such as a multivitamin with 42 different ingredients from numerous suppliers. This holistic perspective facilitated instant decision-making, cost savings, and increased throughput.

Enhanced Efficiency

The implementation of Unifize reduced testing costs, shortened lead times, and improved overall throughput. The platform’s efficient collaboration tools allowed for effective supplier negotiation and alternative sourcing, showcasing the system's capacity to drive down costs and enhance productivity.


Biovation quickly realized the benefits of switching to Unifize. The transition was smooth, with no loss of data or need to operate out of two systems. The quality team could do more with fewer resources, as Unifize's visibility made the entire process more transparent and manageable.

Cultural Shift

Beyond operational improvements, Unifize helped foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement at Biovation. The system's real-time collaboration and communication capabilities highlighted the company's proactive steps in quality management, proving that quality does not just prevent problems but can also drive organizational success.

Cost Savings

By leveraging Unifize, Biovation could not only maintain compliance but also identify cost savings opportunities, making quality management a value-adding function rather than a cost center.


Unifize transformed Biovation's approach to quality management. From facilitating effective communication to enabling strategic decision-making, Unifize has proven to be an indispensable asset. The case of Biovation stands as a testament to how the right quality management system can create a proactive, efficient, and quality-driven culture within an organization.

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Day one, you're engendering a culture of continuous improvement. You don't know it. You don't see it till one day you turn around and say, Wow, everybody is rowing in the same direction.

[00:10 - 00:25]
And those are sort of these unintended, massively helpful consequence of rolling out Unifize that I saw is that communication breakdowns fell away, that visibility and unnecessary meetings and unnecessary emails and unnecessary phone calls went away.

[00:25 - 00:34]
And I genuinely could focus on doing my job better every day. And I truly believe across the organization that's true for everyone at all levels.

[00:39 - 00:46]
I'm the Director of Quality, Compliance and Formulation at Biovation Labs here in Salt Lake City, part of a larger organization, Wellful.

[00:46 - 01:00]
We have both internal and external customers is what I call that. We have the brands that are all under the Wellful umbrella, that we're all part of the same company and we're they're predominant, if not entire manufacturer for capsules and tablets here by Biovation.

[01:04 - 01:30]
At that point it was more about having electronic documentation and this was 2016. SharePoint wasn't great. People didn't weren't apt to use MasterControl and it's a little clunky and arduous for the average user. And what I learned probably most notably was that if it's not designed to be easy for the user, then it's just another hurdle.

[01:30 - 01:46]
A lot of systems out there will offer you the digital signatures and 21 CFR part 11 compliance, which is the set of regulations that applies to digital documentation and signatures and Unifize, has this amazing approval workflows that we've used.

[01:46 - 02:01]
I mean, we use it for raw materials, for suppliers, for formulas, for quotes, for product release, for raw material, what I mean by that is they it's a button click just like a lot of digital signatures work, but built into it is automatic notifications.

[02:01 - 02:09]
Being able to real time collaborate about a Non-Conformance and again, an Out of Spec or even just we use what we've termed Observations.

[02:09 - 02:22]
They may not be a problem, but they could be a leading indicator of a problem and collaborating with decisions right then and there. What used to take days, weeks, sometimes months is seconds and minutes.

[02:22 - 02:41]
The digital signature and approval workflows, streamline my Lot release on finished goods, as I mentioned, because before that was email back and forth. Now my quality supervisor uploads the test, uploads the CoA, clicks a button says, All right, I'm done, and it goes right to the customer because again, something that used to take days at times takes minutes at worst.

[02:45 - 03:01]
One huge advantage of Unifize and the collaborative environment that it has is that you can collaborate about a specific item and you can collaborate about many items simultaneously, and that cuts down time, obviously, but it also increases visibility, communication and effectiveness

[03:01 - 03:14]
because I can be I can knock through three or four things that normally would have taken days, weeks, months sitting at my computer all at once, and I can actually respond to people about that event in the in the environment right then and there and move on to the next one.

[03:18 - 03:24]
Unifize is amazing because it grows with you. It solves problems with you as the problems come up. So if a conversation or process doesn't exist, guess what?

[03:24 - 03:34]
You can make it exist right then and there. So it's more than just quality management. It started there for us, every time there's a problem now, people start coming to me and saying, Hey, could Unifize's do this?

[03:34 - 03:50]
And that's so unique. I've never seen that before in any company where I have people from maintenance or people from receiving or people from warehouse or various other areas coming to us to quality and saying, Hey, do you think that this could be a solution for us? And it's so amazing to be able to say, Yeah, it is, let's do it.
About Biovation Labs
Biovation Labs is a vertically integrated nutritional supplement contract manufacturing operation specializing in high-quality formulation, blending, encapsulation, and packaging.
Nutritional Supplements
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
About Jesse Kolstad
Jesse Kolstad, the Director of Quality, Compliance, and Formulation at Biovation Labs, gives an intimate peek into his role and the company's operations. Located in Salt Lake City and part of the Wellful organization, Biovation Labs plays a pivotal role in manufacturing capsules and tablets. Jesse also highlights their collaboration with prominent industry giants, underscoring Biovation's significance in the dietary supplement sector.
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Managing the product lifecycle and ensuring efficient traceability with Unifize
Jesse Kolstad underscores the imperative of traceability in regulated industries. Drawing from his experience at Biovation Labs, he illustrates how Unifize seamlessly interlinks finished products, ingredients, formulae, and even packaging artwork. The platform's collaborative nature fosters real-time discussions, merging processes that were once scattered across emails and calls into a unified and efficient workflow.
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Jesse Kolstad lauds the unparalleled responsiveness of the Unifize support team. He recounts instances where he received almost instantaneous assistance, highlighting their record response time of just 12 minutes. Jesse values the platform's collaborative capabilities, allowing him to make real-time changes with both his team and the Unifize support team. The genuine partnership feeling resonates throughout his experience, showcasing their commitment to customer success.
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Jesse Kolstad highlights Unifize's capability to seamlessly link raw materials to lots, formulas, and finished products. Providing a comprehensive view of the production process, Unifize ensures unparalleled traceability and accountability, enhancing production oversight at Biovation Labs.
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Understanding trends by connecting data on Unifize
Jesse Kolstad accentuates Unifize's prowess in connecting data to discern trends. With robust data integration and analytical capabilities, Unifize offers valuable insights into operational trends, paving the way for data-driven decisions at Biovation Labs.
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Jesse Kolstad emphasizes Unifize's instrumental role in dismantling organizational silos at Biovation Labs. By centralizing knowledge, the platform promotes a unified information hub, fostering organizational alignment and consistent collaboration, ensuring everyone operates in harmony.
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