Near instant implementation and adoption of Unifize
Jesse Kolstad lauds Unifize for its intuitive design and quick adoption. With tools that foster user engagement and autonomy, Unifize integrates smoothly into Biovation Labs' daily operations.

[00:00 - 00:26]
So probably the most unique aspect of Unifize that really got me attracted to it right away was drag and drop built to suit and how short the learning curve was if and it's really helped me implement effectively because implementation is very hard with new softwares, with new systems, especially where there's, you know, probably some old established areas and change is hard.

[00:26 - 00:44]
But what Unifize allows me to do is if I see a broken process or a problem, I could say, Hey, maybe this just needs a checklist and I engage the people who are in it and say, Would this be better? And then I show them how to build it and next thing I know it can. Each conversation type not only engages the users, so you're getting better feedback, better usage.

[00:44 - 01:10]
They're helping you build. So now you have absolute buy in for these people who are across the board, whether they're involved in warehousing or production or maintenance or coding or sales or it's all I find a problem and we customize the checklist at that time with the people and they're part of that. And when you get that, I mean, you can't buy that level of buy in and it gains its own momentum and growth and becomes self-sustaining.

[01:10 - 01:17]
It doesn't need me as the director of quality to constantly oversee it and birddog it. It gets a life of its own. And that's what you want

[01:17 - 01:26]
So sometimes I've and I found this to be effective is I will actually at a user and, and they'll get an email what's this.

[01:26 - 01:47]
And there are those that will just respond or go to it and start playing around. And those I've helped me identify my power users right away. And then there are those that will come find me and say, What am I seeing? And then I give them the tour and next thing you know, they're now a good user. And it's this sort of sneaky user onboarding.

[01:47 - 02:07]
And then by once they're engaged, they understand it because it's pretty straightforward relative to things I've seen in the past. And, and especially now that it has the help icon at the bottom gives you quick videos if they're curious and now that person is a user from then on and it just becomes ingrained in the process by doing the process.

[02:07 - 02:24]
So when we adopted Unifize, I didn't encounter much resistance, quite the contrary. We actually encountered people building too much. I remember the first conversation that I built with my counterparts across the organization in Quality was for Finished Good Lot.

[02:24 - 02:45]
And it they wanted they realize that they could do everything and you kind of have to back yourself off. And that's what I found is, you know, the KISS model of Keep It Simple, Stupid, because the first iteration of it had 189 different items in the checklist. And the people who wanted that thought they needed it, thought they wanted it, but then they tried to actually do it right after and realize, Whoa, we can walk this back.

[02:45 - 03:04]
And it it helped by virtue of seeing that actually seeing it laid out in front of them. Oh, wait, we can get a lot faster. And by doing it, they got a lot faster. Everything got a lot smoother because it's sometimes it's good to challenge yourself as to what are we currently doing, why are we currently doing it?

[03:04 - 03:24]
And as they were building it, these people were saying, Wait, why are we doing this? And that was huge. And it's very different than I've seen in other scenarios with systems where they're, Oh, here we go. I got to adopt this because somebody told me I have to. It helps them road test themselves, sanity check themselves. And again, and that culture of continuous improvement, it just happens.

[03:24 - 03:31]
Unifize is amazing because it grows with you. It solves problems with you as the problems come up. So if a conversation or process doesn't exist, guess what?

[03:31 - 03:49]
You can make it exist right then and there. So it's more than just quality management. It started there for us, but this journey has been amazing because it does so much more now. So and by being by breaking down those silos, but breaking down the walls and the barriers that this is quality job, this is quality function to this is all of our job, all of our function.

[03:49 - 04:13]
Then it expands and expands and expands and it gains its own inertia constantly. And what I mean by that is that every time there's a problem now, people start coming to me and saying, Hey, could Unifize's do this? And that's so unique. I've never seen that before in any company where I have people from maintenance or people from receiving or people from warehouse or various other areas coming to us to quality and saying, Hey, do you think that this could be a solution for us?

[04:13 - 04:17]
And it's so amazing to be able to say, Yeah, it is, let's do it.

Unifize Results

Speed to compliance
Unifize accelerates compliance, delivering 10x faster regulatory approval for medical devices
Faster time-to-market
Map Unifize to your processes and streamline workflows, process automation
Fewer meetings
Less meetings with in-app collaboration, real-time updates, and decision logs

But what we've known from what I experience was, is we were able to get there with the system. We still there with the system. The system has what is needed to provide us what we're looking for, because every company, admittedly, is trying to get compliant. If we educate people, if we get people the education that they need and to get over the fear factor, I think 90% of those things can be resolved because most people will go to what they're most familiar with.What I worked with from a different company, but they're not willing to sit down and look at what the demographics are saying. People are into social media now. People are moving fast into fast paced world. But technologies are still antiquated. So there's a disconnect here, right? So while we're moving at a fast pace at home with dragging at work, so why can't we continue that speed while we at work?If your supplier has issues and you're not informed on time, you want to have an alternate supplier in place. If your suppliers are not qualified, you may not know that that needs to happen. And so when you have an integrated system that speaks to itself and is giving you all this data, you literally have the pulse of the organization in your hands as an executive at a money bound access.

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Experience the benefits of Unifize

4x Faster time-to-market

Map Unifize to your processes and streamline workflows, process automation, and prioritization

70% Fewer meetings

Less meetings with in-app collaboration, real-time updates, and decision logs

10x Speed to compliance

Unifize accelerates compliance, delivering 10x faster regulatory approval for medical devices

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