Director of Quality Control, The Will-Burt Company

Tedd Carr

Ted Carr is the Director of Quality at the Will-Burt Company and has a 40-year history with the firm. His leadership was key in implementing Unifize, revolutionizing the company's quality management by consolidating multiple systems into one efficient platform.

About Will-Burt
The Will-Burt Company is the world's premier manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts, towers, trailer systems, and pan and tilt positioners. Will-Burt also offers contract manufacturing, metal fabrication, powder-coating, and rapid prototyping services.
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How a quality veteran from The Will-Burt Company replaced multiple quality support systems with Unifize and boosted issue closure time by 75% within the first month
Tedd Carr from The Will-Burt Company discusses overcoming their diverse and complex quality challenges across various sectors with Unifize. By consolidating five systems into one, they achieved clear accountability and reduced issue closure from months to days, demonstrating significant efficiency gains and faster decision-making in their quality processes.
Transforming Quality Management: The Will-Burt Company's Journey with Unifize


The Will-Burt Company, known for its extensive work in commercial construction and the aerospace sector, has taken a bold step forward in quality management with the adoption of Unifize. Ted Carr, the seasoned Director of Quality, narrates their transition to this innovative platform, highlighting its profound impact on their operations.


Navigating a labyrinth of diverse customer requirements and complex quality demands, Will-Burt's pre-Unifize era was marked by inefficiency. Disparate systems for managing quality control and assurance resulted in a fragmented and sluggish process that struggled to keep pace with the dynamic needs of their clientele.

The Unifize Solution

The integration of Unifize was a game-changer, unifying the fragmented quality management under one robust, agile system. This move not only streamlined processes but also paved the way for a more cohesive approach to meeting customer expectations.

Real-Time Collaboration

Unifize redefined team interactions, fostering a culture of real-time collaboration. With immediate access to shared files and communication logs, the platform dissolved barriers, bringing clarity and cohesion to the forefront of quality management.

Documentation as a Record

Transitioning to Unifize, Will-Burt replaced their scattered documentation approach with a centralized, living record of all quality-related activities. This shift not only boosted accessibility but also ensured a continuous and up-to-date flow of information.

Accelerated Turnaround

The once cumbersome and time-consuming change order process underwent a radical acceleration. With Unifize, what took weeks to finalize could now be executed in a matter of days, a testament to the platform's efficiency.


The consolidation from five disparate systems to one unified platform via Unifize led to measurable improvements. Issues were resolved faster, accountability became clearer, and the quality management cycle was significantly shortened.

Efficient Utilization of Time

By harnessing Unifize, the quality team could now invest their time more judiciously, focusing on core quality tasks instead of juggling between systems. This optimization of time translated into heightened productivity and focus.


The Will-Burt Company's embrace of Unifize signifies more than a technological upgrade—it marks a strategic evolution in their approach to quality management. As Ted Carr reflects on the journey, it's clear that Unifize has not only simplified their processes but also empowered the team to operate with greater precision and speed, aligning perfectly with the complex and varied demands of their industry.

``[00:00 - 00:27]
Our customer base is really spread out. We do a lot of commercial construction, military, a lot of aerospace work, and with all these different customers, they all have their own set of requirements and expectations. There's just a lot of diversity and there are a lot of mixed requirements. It really makes it challenging from a quality standpoint to try to address all those variables in the quality world.

[00:32 - 01:06]
Yeah, Hello. My name is Ted Carr. I'm director of Quality here at the Will-Burt Company. I've been here for 40 years now. We're a company of about 350 people, and my responsibilities are for quality in both quality assurance and quality control. And one thing I've learned is the boundaries of quality, they go well beyond the quality department. They involve all the functional groups such as Human Resources, Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Receiving, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Shipping and Customer Service.

[01:06 - 01:38]
So again, our quality system has been in place since 1994. We haven't really kept pace with the technology offerings that are out there. What that's resulted in is not the most efficient system and certainly not a closed loop system. We became masters at using spreadsheets. Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and different programs to help support our quality activities. So having separate systems like this, it doesn't automatically tie in related issues together in an efficient manner.

[01:38 - 02:03]
You know, an example of getting a customer complaint or a VoC, as we like to call them, only to realize that we had an internal issue that was very similar. And then as you dig deeper, you ultimately find out that you also had supplier issues that contributed to the issue. So when trying to tie in these different systems together, it became very time consuming and not the most efficient.

[02:03 - 02:22]
It was also challenging to see the correlation between these issues as we would prepare for our management reviews, we put the data together and we would start to see trends that were there, but having the different quality systems in place for everything together. So you couldn't see those trends.

[02:22 - 02:42]
Another drawback to these multiple systems is not having a solid way of establishing ownership and accountability. Most of the software I looked at out there, I really felt like it was boilerplate, and aside from maybe moving a few fields around or changing color schemes, you get what you get.

[02:42 - 02:56]
If it's not easy to use, if the implementation takes a long time, there was a tremendous amount of training. If the learning curve is large, people aren't going to take an interest or they're going to turn it off and they're just not going to embrace it.

[02:56 - 03:15]
It just happened to be the very last software that I looked at was Unifize. And Ben Merton, he found me on LinkedIn. He sent me an email on it and it piqued my interest. A short conversation later, we set up a WebEx and we explored a little bit deeper into what Unifize could do for us.

[03:15 - 03:37]
And I found it very interesting. And on a 180 degree approach to how we could address quality issues. We've now reduced our number of quality support systems from what was five different systems. It's now consolidated into one platform, which is Unifize.

[03:37 - 03:55]
And regardless of that activity or that task, they all have very clear assigned ability and accountability. That's something we were really missing in our old systems. And again, that just drives a really solid behavior on getting issues closed.

[03:55 - 04:15]
Our tasks that have taken weeks or months are now completed in days. And we just know that as we mature, we'll continue to see improvements in the efficiency of the effectivity of what the software can do for us. We've already had conversations that have launched and then closed all in the same day. And for us that's just unheard of.`
About Tedd and The Will-Burt Company
Tedd Carr, with 40 years at The Will-Burt Company, oversees a broad quality assurance and control remit that spans beyond the traditional confines of the department. His role touches all company areas, emphasizing the diverse and complex quality demands of their varied customer base in sectors such as aerospace and military, which presents a significant challenge in meeting each sector's unique requirements and expectations. The Will-Burt Company, an employee-owned enterprise, prides itself on a century of business, specializing in proprietary products and services for emergency communications, warfare, and payload elevation, as well as offering comprehensive manufacturing services.
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The problems Tedd faced with managing multiple quality systems
Mired in an archaic quality system since 1994, The Will-Burt Company grappled with a maze of spreadsheets and disjointed programs until Unifize revolutionized their process. Tedd Carr shares how their transition to Unifize's singular platform dissolved the cumbersome task of correlating data across five different systems, unveiling trends and accelerating efficiency in quality management.
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Establishing Accountability and taking faster decisions with Unifize
Tedd Carr expresses how Unifize transformed The Will-Burt Company's approach to quality management. The previous system, a chaotic mix of emails and ad-hoc methods, lacked clear ownership and accountability, leading to prolonged issue resolution times. With Unifize, they have consolidated five systems into one, establishing defined accountability and enabling rapid task completion—what once took weeks or months now concludes in days, significantly optimizing their operational efficiency.
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Doing 95% internal audits remotely with Unifize
The Will-Burt Company's pivot to remote operations, as narrated by Tedd Carr, showcases the agility afforded by Unifize. Amid travel restrictions, they've successfully shifted 95% of internal audits to a remote format, utilizing Unifize to maintain stringent compliance without the need for physical presence in their Tulsa location. This transition underscores Unifize's conversational-driven software's strength in facilitating seamless and efficient audit processes.
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What attracted us the most about Unifize
Tedd Carr recounts The Will-Burt Company's extensive search for the ideal quality software, vetting over 30 options before discovering Unifize. The decisive factor was Unifize's user-friendly interface, akin to social media, that required minimal training and ensured swift adoption across their teams. This ease of use, combined with comprehensive onboarding support at no extra cost, distinguished Unifize as the superior choice, fostering its enthusiastic embrace within the company.
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How Unifize already had everything we were looking for
In their quest for a QMS that seamlessly aligns with their operations, The Will-Burt Company found Unifize's platform to be the perfect fit. Tedd Carr lauds its all-in-one capability, which encompassed core needs like internal audits, non-conformances, customer feedback, and corrective actions, eliminating the need for multiple modules. The flexibility to tailor the software to their specific processes and the inherent ease of use ensured Unifize stood out, satisfying their desire for a customizable and user-friendly system.
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How Unifize's configurability helped us fight the resistance to change
Tedd Carr highlights the configurable nature of Unifize as a pivotal element in overcoming resistance to change at The Will-Burt Company. He values the software's adaptability, allowing for a familiar feel akin to their previous systems, thus simplifying the transition. The Unifize platform mirrors their old forms but with a new, conversation-driven approach, resulting in a smoother learning curve and quicker adoption among staff, leading to a more relaxed and progressive work environment.
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Minimising the impact on IT while implementing Unifize
The Will-Burt Company strategically chose Unifize to alleviate their IT department's workload. Tedd Carr appreciates that Unifize's team handled everything from installation to launch, ensuring minimal IT involvement. This approach not only streamlined the implementation process but also allowed their IT staff to focus on other critical internal tasks, marking a significant internal shift towards efficiency and resource optimization.
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Hear about things in real-time and start conversations early on with Unifize's mobile capabilities
Tedd Carr discusses the significant advantage brought by Unifize's mobile functionality to The Will-Burt Company. With a web and cloud-based system, Unifize's mobile app enables their sales force to initiate quality conversations and address customer concerns instantly while on the move. This real-time communication capability has proven to be a valuable tool, fostering timely discussions and swift issue resolution, and is especially praised by those who often work remotely or travel.
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How Unifize improved our Non-conformances closure time by 75% within the first month
Within just a month of deploying Unifize, The Will-Burt Company slashed non-conformances closure times by an impressive 75%, as Tedd Carr attests. Previously languishing non-conformances averaging 4 to 5 weeks for resolution are now dealt with in a mere 7.2 days. This remarkable improvement in efficiency extends to customer complaints as well, with closure times cut by 60%, signaling a swift and responsive quality management system that's set to evolve further.
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How conversations in Unifize foster better collaboration
Tedd Carr is enthusiastic about how Unifize's conversation-driven platform has revolutionized collaboration at The Will-Burt Company. He observed a significant uptake in engagement following a refresher course, likening the buzz of activity to a lively slot machine. This surge in conversations among varied personnel didn't lead to confusion but rather an organized flow of information. Carr takes pride in witnessing the team's proactive interactions and the smooth progression of tasks, indicating a thriving, collaborative environment.
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