Drive process through conversation

Unifize uses guided conversations to eliminate wasted time and errors in communication-driven processes.

Connect the broken communication thread

  • Reduce process cycle times
  • Increase cross-functional accountability
  • Get insights from communication data
  • Secure your organizational data
  • Make compliance easier
Objective driven conversations full

Find a product that addresses your current goals

Simple, scalable and secure, our products enable you to choose what’s right for you, so you can implement a configurable communication solution at your own pace.


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Improve feedback, traceability and context on a secure, industrial-grade chat platform.


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Streamline collaboration by building and implementing communication workflows and checklists.


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Get more out of existing systems, improve ROI and eliminate waste across your whole supply chain.

A solution for the entire organisation

Unifize’s secure messaging tool boosts teamwork and communication within and between the inter-dependent layers of your organisation, reducing time and saving money.

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Team Members

Get things done more easily by reducing administrative tasks and inefficient coordination between different teams.


Deliver better outcomes by building communication workflows, implementing checklists and reducing communication waste.

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Make your existing systems work better, get more from sunk costs, improve throughput & ROI, and cut costs by reducing your team’s wasted time and errors.

Configurable for your industry

Unifize is designed by domain-experts for use in industrial environments between specialized teams, such as the following segments:

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Get more market feedback, improve product innovation, streamline sourcing, procurement and supply chain.
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Industrial Machinery & Products

Industrial Machinery & Products

Accelerate quote-to-cash for custom or configurable products, enable lean engineering and technical sales.
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Food Processing

Food Processing

Scale faster through tighter process control, better traceability across the supply chain, and quicker concept-to-production timelines.
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Automotive Components

Automotive Components

Design new production processes, engineer scale, strengthen compliance, streamline procurement and reduce manufacturing costs.
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Communicate to get things done!

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WhatsApp Down 1 - Whatsapp & iMessage won’t solve your communication problems! Here’s why…

Whatsapp & iMessage won’t solve your communication problems! Here’s why…

More than 90% of the manufacturing and engineering companies we interviewed at Unifize were using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication tools like Whatsapp or iMessage for internal and/or external company communication. However, these companies still report endless communication problems. We take a closer look at how and why they fail to solve communication problems in these companies.

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Cross-functional collaboration

From small teams to large enterprises, Unifize is revolutionizing industrial communication systems by connecting the communication thread on a massive scale. Simple, scalable, and secure, Unifize just makes life easier for you and your team, while also improving business outcomes.