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Unifize revolutionizes how teams manage repeatable processes by organizing emails and other conversations around objectives

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  • Increase cross-functional accountability
  • Boost team productivity
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  • Reduce process cycle times
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Simple, scalable and secure, our products enable you to choose what’s right for you, so you can implement a configurable solution at your own pace.


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Improve feedback, traceability and context on a secure, industrial-grade chat platform.


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Streamline collaboration by building and implementing  workflows and checklists.


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Get more out of existing systems, improve ROI and eliminate waste across your entire organization.

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WhatsApp Down 1 - Whatsapp & iMessage won’t solve your communication problems! Here’s why…

Whatsapp & iMessage won’t solve your communication problems! Here’s why…

More than 90% of the manufacturing and engineering companies we interviewed at Unifize were using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication tools like Whatsapp or iMessage for internal and/or external company communication. However, these companies still report endless communication problems. We take a closer look at how and why they fail to solve communication problems in these companies.

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