Director of Quality Assurance, Adaptive Health

Mikala Hukka

Mikala is an experienced Quality Director with over 10 years experience working in the dietary supplement industry. Extensive knowledge of quality assurance/quality control processes, requirements, and regulatory compliance.

About Adaptive Health
Adaptive Health, a key player in the dietary supplements market, is dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative products. Emphasizing safety and regulatory compliance, they utilize advanced tools like Unifize for efficient quality management. Their commitment to rigorous quality control and innovation sets them apart in the health and wellness industry.
Nutritional Supplements
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America
How this Director of Quality at a Dietary Supplements manufacturer improved process cycle times and got to market faster with Unifize
In this video, Mikala provides an overview of her professional journey and her current role at Adaptive Health. She shares insights into her responsibilities as the quality director, overseeing product development and marketing for dietary supplements. Mikala reflects on the growth of Adaptive Health and her contributions to building the quality department, emphasizing the importance of quality in product development. She also discusses the role of Unifize in streamlining processes and improving communication, crucial for the company's rapid growth and success.
How this Director of Quality at a Dietary Supplements manufacturer improved process cycle times and got to market faster with Unifize


Mikala Hukka, the Director of Quality Assurance at Adaptive Health, shares her positive experiences with Unifize, emphasizing its crucial role in streamlining compliance and documentation processes in the context of the stringent standards of the dietary supplements industry.


Transitioning into a more compliance-focused role, Mikala faced significant challenges in managing change control and documentation. The existing systems at Adaptive Health were inefficient, characterized by lost documents and ineffective communication, which were major obstacles in the rapidly evolving dietary supplements sector.


Adaptive Health, under Mikala's guidance, adopted Unifize after assessing various quality management systems. Unifize stood out for its customizable nature, particularly its ability to handle comprehensive compliance needs, such as electronic signatures and document management, in line with industry standards.

Ease of Use

Mikala found Unifize to be remarkably user-friendly, allowing her and her team to tailor the system to their unique needs. This adaptability was key in efficiently organizing and managing critical documentation and quality processes.

Communication and Collaboration

The introduction of Unifize transformed internal communication at Adaptive Health. It centralized and streamlined discussions, feedback, and approvals, thereby reducing reliance on less efficient communication methods like emails and informal chats.

Documentation and Compliance

Unifize proved instrumental in producing clear, audit-ready documentation with complete audit trails. This capability was pivotal during compliance audits, as it demonstrated the detailed rationale behind each decision and action.


With Unifize, Adaptive Health saw a remarkable transformation in handling change requests and managing compliance processes, significantly reducing the time and effort involved. The system was quickly adopted by the team, recognizing its potential to maintain compliance without sacrificing efficiency.

Professional Preparedness

The comprehensive record-keeping and history provided by Unifize equipped Mikala and her colleagues with the necessary tools to confidently and promptly address auditors' questions, eliminating the previously common frantic search for information.

Regulatory Alignment

Unifize not only simplified compliance with FDA standards but also aligned with other relevant regulations in the dietary supplements industry, demonstrating its extensive applicability.


Unifize has become an essential tool at Adaptive Health, significantly enhancing compliance, simplifying documentation processes, and ensuring team alignment. Its adaptability and ease of use have made it a cornerstone in Adaptive Health's focus on quality and regulatory compliance, proving that efficiency and compliance can coexist successfully in the fast-paced dietary supplements industry.

[00:00 - 00:13]
By holding a product in quarantine for a month, which is what we used to do, now we have hours and we have the issue resolved. And so there's no delay, no back orders on the market for getting product out the door, which of course saves us money in the end.

[00:13 - 00:17]
I would say that roughly 80% of my day to day is spent in Unifize.

[00:17 - 00:25]
So with Unifize we've been able to reduce the turnaround time on all of our quality processes by roughly 25 to 75%.

[00:25 - 00:31]
And I would say that's probably saved us 2 to 4 quality personnel employees.

[00:31 - 00:39]
Finished good lots for example I think Unifize has sped up our finished good lot from half a day to maybe 10 minutes.

[00:39 - 00:46]
Non-Conformances could take anywhere from days to weeks. And again, I would say that's reduced about hours now.

[00:46 - 00:58]
So if we didn't have Unifize processes would be a lot less streamlined. There would be a lot of redundancy in the data that we currently have because right now it's all in one repository versus individual locations.

[00:58 - 01:07]
Without Unifize, I feel like there would be a lot more meetings and so less time spent focusing on the more important aspects of the business structure.

[01:11 - 01:28]
I’m Mikala Hukka. I work for Adaptive Health. I am currently the quality director over the VMS division. So we have several subsidiaries that report under our Wellful line and in our branch we do product development and marketing for dietary supplements.

[01:28 - 01:38]
And when I first started at the company, which was six years ago now, it was a team of 20 of us and there was no product development team or quality team that even existed on this side.

[01:38 - 01:59]
So I was brought on board to help build up the entire quality department to what it is today. And since then, we've acquired numerous companies, Renew Vitality, Healthy Directions, Biovation being one of them, and we've merged with Nutrisystem and then Jenny Craig as well. So now it started as 20 plus employees, we’re over 800 now.

[01:59 - 02:05]
So I think Adaptive Health is unique in that quality is a part of the product development process from the start.

[02:05 - 02:19]
Having a greater say in the raw materials that we were sourcing, being able to vet them and make sure we're using high quality materials that our team is identifying rather than commodity ingredients that a lot of manufacturers use that get cheap.

[02:19 - 02:33]
We have a greater say in that. And then seeing it all the way from cradle to grave on how their manufacturing a process is making sure the right quality processes are in place. So we're producing high quality, best possible products to our customer, at the end of the day.

[02:33 - 02:43]
It’s very easy now than where it used to be, everything was just an email it's all on Unifize now which is nice.

[02:43 - 02:56]
I think it's because there's so many hands in the pot at once, especially with a company in its growing this quickly. To have everybody on the same page at the start is almost crucial in order to have a successful product launch.

[02:56 - 03:07]
I mean, it reduces the number of meetings, it's streamlined the processes, you have more time to dedicate to other areas of the product launch process. I would say it expedites everything substantially.

[03:07 - 03:18]
And the beauty of Unifize is it afforded us the opportunity to collaborate across organizations too. So if we'd sourced one material and approved it, our sister company can see that.

[03:18 - 03:27]
They have the same requirements as us. So rather than doing that own investigative work on their end, they can easily see the one that we've used and kind of pull it into their resource guide as well.

[03:27 - 03:36]
It's hard to say from cradle to grave the redundancies, but an individual task, I would say at least 25% to 75% in each area, it's probably been decreased.

[03:36 - 03:43]
Manpower I think, would be the biggest saver there.

[03:43 - 03:54]
When you use Slack and Teams, it separates the collaborative portion from the data. And it also doesn't afford you to have all of the linkages that Unifize lets you.

[03:54 - 04:02]
So with Slack, you could upload a word document but you can’t upload the finished good lot, which automatically will tie you to raw materials and the testing.

[04:02 - 04:19]
It all is like a domino effect in Unifize, which I would say the Slack and Teams is just stagnant documents. You actually have to go find them individually one by one. Where Unifize allows that collaborative space, but it also ties in all the data with it.

[04:19 - 04:35]
You're not looking at your email or somewhere in Excel, Dropbox, SharePoint, whatever it may be, to find the information they're talking about via Slack, its there right next to you in the same window, the same frame when you're making these discussions. Slack and Teams cannot do this.
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