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Engineered from first principles

We've built Unifize from the ground up to solve some of the problems that we ourselves faced while teams at companies that sold customized and technical products.

Why we're here

Prior to starting Unifize, our co-founding team spent several decades running various companies that designed, made and sold technical and customized products in the US, China, South Korea, and India. 

Based on this experience, we believe that software technologists have failed to address the needs of organizations that manage complex repeatable processes, and that the absence of usable software tools is the result of  poor insights rather than any lack of ability or need for such companies to adopt good solutions. 

We also believe that communication is the root cause of a significant proportion of problems faced in these industries, and that these problems are often made worse by traditional ERP,  CRM and other systems.

Our mission at Unifize is therefore to help bring process-driven organizations out of the software dark ages by building a communication platform that first enables users to do their work more easily before it is used as a management or reporting tool.  

We refer to this as enable, then manage. 

This will transform these companies from the ground up, allowing them to:

  • Increase transparency, traceability and accountability
  • Reduce communication process waste
  • Manage risks, expectations and problems 

By doing these things, we will help companies design, make and sell better products and services to happier customers.

Ben Merton, Lakshman Thatai & Avinash Sultanpur

Meet our team

Avinash Sultanpur

Co-Founder, CTO

Ben Merton

Co-Founder, CEO

Lakshman Thatai

Co-Founder, CPO

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