Vendor Portal

A vendor portal that treats suppliers like 🤝 partners
and helps you get things done 3x faster 🚀
How? Unifize makes your vendor processes collaborative and friendly

Collaborative Sourcing

Requirement > spec > delivery
3x faster
• Create and align on specifications
• Send and manage RFQs
• Manage POs on the vendor portal

Collaborative Innovation

Build engagement on ideas, and
execute on them faster
• Brainstorm ideas
• Manage multiple projects and tasks
• Bring cross-org teams together

Collaborative Quality

Reduce closure times on supplier
issues by 75%
• Collaborate on non-conformances
• Maintain supplier documentation
• Remote audit and score suppliers
Less wasted time per
week within 30 days
More supplier
engagement within 60 days
On-time completion
rate within 3 months
More continuous improvement in 6 months
Fewer defects
within 10 months

8-step guide:

How to move 3x faster on vendor processes within 30 days


Don’t let your vendor processes stagnate on excel sheets and emails...

You can move your processes to
Unifize in less than a day

Built-in processes and workflows have everything you need. However, Unifize is easy to tweak in minutes.

Move your spreadsheet trackers and paper-based forms to Unifize in a single day.

Our process experts understand food processing. We help you transition and improve your workflows.


Stop trying to complete all your processes by yourself...

Distribute work internally and get suppliers collaborating

Improve response times and reduce email clutter with a familiar chat interface

Add suppliers via email. They start collaborating in minutes without requiring a password or setup

Get suppliers to complete documentation and audits in a collaborative environment


Instead of painful micromanaging and follow-ups...

Drive transparent ownership across multiple teams

Build teams by getting the right people in the right place at the right time

Increase accountability and improve outcomes with negotiable and transparent ownership

Get suppliers to update statuses on Specs, Projects, RFQs, and Purchase Orders


Eliminate data entry errors forever by....

Making your checklists
& forms collaborative

Easily map to your existing processes by creating and adding configurable forms to each conversation

Improve the quality and timeliness of data entry with collaborative data entry

Improve traceability using printable forms and QR codes that permanently link to Unifize


Stop spending hours preparing for meetings and reviews....

Get visibility in a single click for all conversations & process data

Understand processes and progress trends using configurable charts and dashboards

Dive deeper into roadblocks or data using drill-down snapshots and click-through conversations

Conduct further analysis on your favorite tools by downloading to spreadsheets


Now you can start building a quality-first culture by...

Increasing engagement inside and outside the organization

Drive quality processes down to the shop floor or on the field with cloud-based mobile and desktop application

Engage suppliers and customers without app access using interactive emails

Improve participation from everyone by enabling single-step creation of processes


Implement continuous improvement across your supplier base...

Help them to do more root causes, CAPAs, and kaizens every month

Work from the shop floor, the office or remotely on a cloud-based mobile and desktop application

Get suppliers to create and collaborate on Kaizens

Collaborate on root causes and establish clear accountability and timelines for CAPAs


Finally, bring suppliers closer to your organization by...

Treating them like partners (not children)

Build a collaboration hub for your organization that allows internal teams to connect with multiple external teams

Collaborate with multiple suppliers on R&D projects, including projects, tasks or even ideas

Reward the most engaged suppliers with better supplier scores and more business

Want to see how Unifize will work for your processes?

Still unsure? Unifize is a no-brainer...

We get it implemented. We make it risk free. Learn how.


Book a demo

The personalized demo will show you how the platform works for YOUR processes. We will use your examples to help you gain control of your vendor processes and clear your backlog.


Send your process data

We take any process sheets, SOPs, flowcharts, checklists, or data that you might have and turn it into a unified experience. Configuration takes us minutes, not weeks. We even upload your old data for free.


Explore and tweak your new environment

On the personalized demo, we will show you how the platform works for your processes. And we show you how to distribute work and clear your backlog.


30-day free trial - your team is collaborating on day 1

Unifize has an intuitive chat-based interface, which means your team is collaborating in a few hours. And your processes aren’t perfect yet. That’s ok – we improve it along with you – over time.


30-day free trial - your team is collaborating on day 1

Unifize has an intuitive chat-based interface, which means your team is collaborating in a few hours. And your processes aren’t perfect yet. That’s ok – we improve it along with you – over time.


Weekly check-in

Our process experts get on a call with you to get feedback. We modify your processes on the fly, as required. We help indivuals on your team one-on-one.


Change of heart? We help you transition back.

Maybe it doesn’t work for you. You wont end up paying anything. And we will still help you transition to your old software. 

If it works, and we have proof it does - you have nothing to hold you back.

Get started for free today

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Seamless integration with multiple softwares to streamline your workflows

Meet our team

We aren’t software people. We grew up on the shop floor - we understand your pain. We've built Unifize from the ground up to solve problems that we faced while managing our own manufacturing companies around the world.

Avinash Sultanpur

Co-Founder, CTO

Ben Merton

Co-Founder, CEO

Lakshman Thatai

Co-Founder, CPO