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All plans start with a 15-day free trial. After that, you can choose to carry on with Free, Business, or Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions

On the free plan you can create a maxiumum of 50 conversations (or records) per month. That means a maximum of 50 non-conformances, defects, audits, breakdowns, enquiries, corrective actions (or a combination of all of these). There is no limit on the number of users, or the number of processes. You will get one free process consultation to get you started.

Users have access to the entire application, for whichever plan they signed up for. Unifize recommends that all internal users involved in a process are added as users to the application.

Collaborators can be invited to individual conversations, and are primarily for customers, suppliers, and partners. They can collaborate on processes via email or a lite version of the app – which opens only one conversation about a non-conformance, or a corrective action, or a service task, etc. Collaborators can’t browse all their open tasks, except via their email notifications.

All Unifize plans are billed in advance annually. The price above represents the effective monthly cost. If you have special circumstances that requires monthly billing, please contact us to get a monthly cost. Monthly plans will require a credit card on file.

Our free plan is very useful for small businesses, and it remains free for life.

We do have special prices for large teams, please contact us to find out more.

Free plan: We include one session with a process expert. They will help configure the application to your needs and help with any queries.  Our support team is always available to answer questions.

Business or Enterprise plan: We offer white-glove onboarding services where you don’t have to do any work to get started. We typically get your team up and running within a day. Our dedicated customer success managers are included as part of all paid plans, and we schedule regular check-ins with your team to improve your experience over time.

Free plan: Unifize is on par with most cloud-based SaaS applications in terms of security. For optional security features, you may have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Business or Enterprise plan: We offer best-in-class security features that will pass the most stringent security reviews. If you have any doubt, we would be happy to discuss directly with your security team.

Free plan and Business Plan: No

Enterprise plan: Yes. These specific compliances can be opted for at an additional time and cost.

Traditional enterprise software like ERP and eQMS are about capturing data.  The software designers have not focused on how users collaborate with each other.  That usually happens in a separate system like email or, more recently, generic chat tools (and phone calls, meetings etc). 

By separating the processes from the conversations that drive them, traditional tools force users to waste a lot of time and increase the likelihood of errors.  Approx. 10x more time and errors, in fact!

On Unifize, we unify [pun intended] processes and the conversations that drive them, drastically reducing the time and headaches for achieving quality outcomes.

At the same time, you can use Unifize to manage all the same processes you would find in an eQMS or quality module on an ERP system, including Non-Conformances / Defects, Root Cause Analyses, Corrective Actions, Internal Audits, Inspections etc.

You can also visualise this data in customizable dashboards and reports.

We are the only software tool that helps manufacturing teams build a culture of continuous improvement by rethinking how they manage quality processes.

We’re a team of technologists who’ve also spent more than 15 years each dealing with real world problems while running our own manufacturing companies.

You’ll be able to reduce firefighting, increase accountability & visibility and improve your process efficiency.  Measurably and quickly.

On the demo call, we’ll walk you through a detailed ROI justification.  We’ll also record the call and give you other materials that you can forward on for them to review.

Unifize works for quality and operations teams at manufacturing companies of between 5 and about 500.  We have not had anyone stop using Unifize once started but there are companies who believe they aren’t ready for any sort of change.

We have a SaaS model, so you pay per user or per month or per year. You can cancel at any time.

You do.  Always and forever.  Period.

We are promising to get you up and running in less than 8 hours of your time (1 day) with a system that will transform how you manage processes, resulting in measurable improvements in:

  1. Process efficiency
  2. Accountability
  3. Visibility
  4. Elimination of firefighting

Please check out our case studies page to see details of who we’ve done this for before.

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