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Engineered from first principles

Unifize is a cloud-based platform that helps manufacturing companies humanize their processes.

We've built Unifize from the ground up to solve some of the problems that we ourselves faced while running manufacturing businesses.

This was our Techstars application video in 2018. We were lucky that the selection committee had a sense of humour...and a very high threshold for questionable acting skills 🙂

Who we are

Our founding team has over 45 years experience in manufacturing, engineering, and collaboration.

Avinash Sultanpur

Co-Founder, CTO

Ben Merton

Co-Founder, CEO

Lakshman Thatai

Co-Founder, CPO

6 things that drive us

A little bit about what gets us out of bed in the morning

Bring manufacturing out of the dark ages

Manufacturing as an industry is starved for choice when it comes to user-friendly tools. We believe that this change can only be driven by industry insiders like us.


Enable first, manage later

We believe that when teams can work better, managers are happier. We build features to optimize for how teams get their work done then for managers to get data and insights.

Open by default

It’s easy to create rules, boundaries and restrictions. But these barriers often have the opposite effect than was intended: they slow down progress. So we design our software to be open by default, and restricted by exception.

Suspicious of the hype

No doubt, Industry 4.0 and IIoT are important areas of innovation in the world today.  However, we believe the future of manufacturing is about technology enabling humans. Automation on its own will not solve all the problems.

Context & creativity

Humans understand context and bring creativity to innovation and problem solving. Machines and computers process and make sense of data.  Unifize focuses on bridging the gap.

Faster feedback compounds

Feedback enables course correction. So when feedback is delayed, we go off course. Unifize builds every use case to incorporate feedback at every step, so you can create an innovation flywheel.

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