How TD Power Systems built a unified communication platform with Unifize



Learn how TD Power Systems was able to start using Unifize for field service and, within a few months, expanded to use it for quality, sales, installation and engineering, ultimately reducing coordination time by up to 4 hours a day for these teams.


"Unifize has transformed how our people understand accountability and eliminated so much wasted time."

Director of Operations
TD Power Systems

About TD Power Systems

TD Power Systems is a publicly traded supplier of large, customized AC generators with an output range of 1MW to 200MW, including steam turbines, hydro turbines, diesel engines, gas and wind turbines. 

With a headcount of over 400, the company currently supplies 72 countries from four locations: Germany, India, US and Japan.  Its main customers include GE, Siemens, Caterpillar and Andritz.

The company complies with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 along with a variety of other, customer-specific requirements that come up on a project-to-project basis.

At the end of 2018, the company was growing at a steady pace and was on course to achieve almost $100m in revenues.  As they scaled, it became increasingly challenging for their head of operations, Vasudev Murthy, to stay on top of his continuous improvement initiatives.

In particular, he was facing numerous problems with his quality, service and installation functions:

  • Multiple different, disconnected systems being used to coordinate daily activities and record data.  These included SAP, Ramco ERP, Siemens PLM, Excel, along with email and various unofficial chat tools.
  • Major challenges ensuring accountability for process outcomes, especially when those processes involved different teams (eg corrective actions, engineering change requests).
  • Uncertainty about who needed to do what, when and why on a daily basis, resulting in service requests and quality issues going unattended.
  • Considerably management bandwidth needed to stay on top of the various repeatable processes in their quality, service and installation functions.
The result of this was his team were spending more than 5 hours a day coordinating and following up to achieve their goals and to deliver on time.  Furthermore, there was evident increasing failure to deliver on time to their customers.

What made TDPS choose Unifize?

Vasudev Murthy had been in operations for his 40 year career and had a strong background in Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.  He was introduced to Unifize in mid-2019 and was immediately interested by how Unifize was applying lean principles to processes that he previously didn’t think were measurable.

Initially, he experimented with Unifize in his field service and installation team where it quickly transformed how the team formed in real-time around service objectives. He was suddenly able to get visibility into a process that had previously been opaque and hard to manage.

As he investigated further, he realized that Unifize could be used across the organization to solve his entire team’s collaboration problems, particularly for those processes that required dynamic involvement from multiple different departments.

Because Unifize was so quick and easy to deploy, within a few months it was being used for the following functions:

  • Service: Service ticketing and complaint resolutions
  • Quality: Non-conformances, corrective actions, root cause analysis
  • Installation: On-site engineering requirements for new projects
  • Sales: Custom quotes, order management and contract review
  • Engineering: Change requests
Unlike other systems, Unifize was able to break down the silos and bring everyone into one place.  This transformed how different departments collaborated around their various objectives.

What were the results?

TDPS took a phased approach to implementing Unifize across their organization.  In each stage, it took less than an hour to get the team up and running.  Ultimately, the results were as follows:


Reduced wasted time by up to 4 hours / day for sales, quality and service teams


Improved productivity from better cross-functional collaboration


Eliminated daily confusion around who needed to do what, when & why


Reduced the number of different systems for certain processes from 5 to 1


Increase visibility into 16 core sales, service and installation activities


Improved compliance by creating traceability for decisions and actions

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