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Unifize helps medical technology companies boost user adoption and build engagement in quality processes by bringing everyone together in a familiar, chat-based platform that integrates with email and other existing systems.

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MedTech eQMS

A full-featured, configurable, user-first, quality management solution for the MedTech industry

Most MedTech eQMS implementations take far longer than expected and adoption rates are poor. Unifize takes a unique approach to these problems with the following features:

  • A simple, intuitive, chat-based interface that is so easy to understand that virtually no training is required.
  • A template library and drag-and-drop process builder that maps to your quality processes (no more cookie-cutter solutions that force you to fit into someone else’s system!)
  • A deep email integration that brings customers, vendors and other internal users closer to your quality processes.

Our case studies show that adoption of Unifize is in hours, not the  months and even years of other systems!

So, if you are trying to comply with GMP, ISO, 21 CFR or other external standards, Unifize has you covered. Whether it’s non-conformances, root cause analyses, 8Ds, CAPAs, audits, inspections, change requests, document management, training, supplier assessment & onboarding, supplier scoring, kaizens, Unifize makes quality management look and feel easy!

"I have implemented many software systems in my time. I've never seen a team take up software as quickly as my team took to Unifize."

David Cline

Chief Operating Officer

"We were able to get a team of 70 people in a 100 year old company up and running on a new QMS in an afternoon !"

Tedd Carr

Director of Quality

"Unifize was able to configure a whole QMS in less time than it usually take other companies to quote!"

Stefan Drapan

Director of Operations

Key capabilities - we've covered everything

Reduce response times on customer complaints

Launch complaints from the app or email. A task force is automatically added so you can respond in minutes not weeks.

Launch NCs from the shop floor

One-click create NCs from wherever you are. Add pictures, data, and involve team members to figure out disposal actions.

Decide disposal actions on the fly

Easily discuss disposal actions with colleagues within each conversation. Use the checklist to document your decisions.

Asychnronous root cause analyses

Brainstorming root causes doesn't need another meeting! Upload 5-Whys or Ishikawa diagrams to the conversation.

Accountability for each corrective action

Create accountability by and monitoring progress, assigning ownership, tracking status from within the conversation.

Conduct internal audits remotely

Every audit is a real-time, asynchronous conversation. Use it to plan/distribute audit work instead of waiting for a meeting.

Manage documents collaboratively

Discuss scope, gather feedback and upload files for each document. Find and distribute the latest version without error.

Manage calibration in the cloud

Automate reminders to ensure calibration is done on time and recorded in one place. Create compliance records on the fly.

Spot quality trends and get insights

By moving away from Excel, you can explore insights on dynamic charts. Get quantitative and qualitative feedback on time.

Involve suppliers in non-conformances

Add suppliers to conversations and get everyone on the same page. Track their corrective actions and give feedback.

Conduct inspections via the mobile app

Each inspection can be assigned in advance or created as needed. Customize inspections for product, process, or section.

Prioritize in intelligent control center

View all updates in minutes. Identify what's pending or critical in one place and dive into conversations as required.

3x reduction in process cycle times

85% fewer email follow-ups

Drive single-point accountability

70% fewer meetings and prep. time

100% visibility on a single system

Process efficiency

Collaborate around processes faster and more effectively

Focus on one objective at a time with a distinct conversation for every process record

Improve response times and reduce email clutter with real-time, asynchronous chat

Measure wasted time in conversations using for every record

Building teams

Drive ownership across multiple teams

Get the right people focusing on the right problem with a dedicated team for every record

Increase accountability and improve outcomes with negotiable & transparent ownership

Identify bottlenecks and balance your team’s load using owner-wise progress charts

Data collection

Improve speed and reduce errors with collaborative data entry

Bring data collection to every conversation using configurable forms

Identify data errors in real-time using conversational data-entry notifications

Improve traceability and compliance using printable forms and QR codes that permanently link back to Unifize

Rapid adoption

Increase engagement inside and outside the organization

Work from the shop floor, the office or remotely on a cloud-based mobile and desktop application

Extend the application to suppliers and customers using interactive emails and compact partner portals

Measure adoption and usage of individuals across multiple usage parameters with user analytics

Reduce follow-ups

Help your team know what to do, when and why

Bring clarity to every team member on their pending tasks and priorities on the intelligent control center

Enable better context and eliminate conflicts with flexible due dates, status and priority

Reduce the headache of coordinating and following up with proactive, automated reminders

Actionable insights

Get end-to-end visibility of all conversations and process data

Understand processes and progress trends using configurable charts and dashboards

Dive deeper into roadblocks or data using drill-down snapshots and click-through conversations

Conduct further analysis on your favorite tools by downloading to spreadsheets

Easy configuration

Get setup or modify any process with a few clicks

Easily map to your existing processes and make rapid changes with configurable process templates

Enable data collection by adding configurable forms to each process

Create workflows with automatic team creation, custom statuses, and process triggers

Learn how Unifize boosts user adoption

Implement a quality management solution that your team actually wants to use!


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