Unifize Enable

Make cross-functional team collaboration easier

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Purpose-built for industrial environments

Unifize Enable is designed by domain experts to handle communication between complex, inter-dependent teams with different objectives.

Bring your communication into one place

Use Unifize Enable to streamline how you coordinate with people using our easy-to-use app that can be used on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Keep it simple

Unifize Enable uses a familiar, chat-based interface meaning you'll find it easier to get started than traditional enterprise tools.

Secure Messaging for Web and Mobile - Enable

Unifize Enable

Connect your conversations

Improve context, traceability and feedback by easily  creating links between conversations in a hierarchy of relationships.

Conversational Hierarchy - Enable

Hyper-speed feedback

Use Unifize Enable to help you get faster decisions, approvals and other feedback from people you collaborate with.

Fix the communication thread

Identify and solve problems faster by easily tracing the communication thread across layers of related, cross-functional conversations.

Get more context

Use Unifize Enable not only to understand what's going on in the current conversation, but also to understand where, why and how it started.

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Unifize Enable

Know what you need to do when, how and why

Easily participate in your organisation’s communication processes, get the latest checklists and work instructions, and quickly resolve urgent questions and concerns with your team.

Update Checklists - Enable

Know who

Automatically get added to pre-defined or spontaneous communication processes.

Know what

Access and complete the most recent communication process checklists.

Know when

Get automatic notifications for new communication processes you are involved in.

Know how

Use a chat-based interface to quickly clarify any uncertainties with your team.

Know why

Access conversational hierarchies to get the context of what needs to be done.

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Unifize MANAGE

Reduce the headache of reporting and compliance

Unifize Enable makes it easier for you to create and find the data you need to submit to your management and stay compliant with time-consuming internal, statutory, legal or customer requirements.

Unifize Enable

Make sense of your communication

Organize and retrieve your conversations, so that you get exactly what you need on time, every time.

Cut through the noise

Use advanced filtering and sorting to home in exactly on all the conversations you need.

Get what you need, fast

Quickly create and access reusable collections of conversations relating to specific business functions or objectives.

Create a conversational library

Use labels and other metadata to create, organise and accesss an unlimited knowledge base from all your conversations.

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Unifize Enable

Get things done faster and with fewer errors

Use Unifize Enable to align your team to common objectives, stay ahead of problems and deliver ahead of time.

Stop wasting time following up

Reduce the effort required to coordinate between different teams for feedback, decisions and approvals.

Stop Following Up - Enable
Conversational Objectives - Enable

Make conversations purposeful

Stop things falling between the cracks by defining the objective, owner, due date and status of every conversation.

Keep on top of things

Follow different conversations relating to the same topic in a single, continuous feed.

Feeds no phone - Enable
Email no phone - Enable

Make email work

Send emails from a conversation and have responses automatically come back into the same conversation.

Quickly involve the right people

Get the right people into your conversations by quick-adding groups of pre-defined teams and individuals.

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Know what isn't getting done

Use read receipts to know whether and when conversations have been received and read.

Unifize Enable

Bring all your communication into one place for streamlined coordination throughout the entire organisation.  The easy-to-use app can be used on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and lets you search and organize your communication, meaning you and your team can keep on top of things anytime and anywhere.

Platform Benefits

The Unifize platform helps organizations transform by re-imagining the way teams connect and communicate.

Simplify communication

Bring all your communication into one place and stop the endless, time-consuming, error prone transfer of information between different systems and tools.

Enable continuous improvement

Build a sustainable growth engine by identifying and resolving problems, risks and opportunities in a fraction of the time as traditional paper-based or database-driven systems.

Organise communication flow

Use labelling and list filtering to ensure that the right information gets to the right teams at the right time, and that everyone involved in achieving a given objective stays on top of things.

Implement communication processes

Improve communication flow by building pre-defined, repeatable sequences and patterns of conversations involving different collaborating teams with rapidly changing objectives.

Reduce communication waste

Use our powerful analytics tools to gain a bird’s eye view of all the communication in your organisation, and make data-driven decisions to reduce waste in communication process cycle times.​

Improve security

Take ownership of all your communication data and securely store and protect your IP and confidential drawings, documents and records, forever.

Simplify compliance

Build a searchable, indexable library of decisions, actions and other data from your communication to enable quality, safety, environmental, management and industry specific compliance, including the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.​

Identify organisational weaknesses

Create a visual map of communication throughout the organisation to improve accountability and identify skill or resource bottlenecks.

Accelerate feedback loops

Enable faster process cycle times by capturing, analysing and responding to feedback from customers, vendors and internal collaborators more quickly.

Communicate to get things done!

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